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We hardly need a “reason” to go to the heaven known as Goa, but with the busy and monotonous life that we lead, it’s not always easy to just pack up and head off into the sunset.

But sometimes, it’s an absolute necessity to just throw yourself on the sun kissed beautiful beaches of Goa and leave everything else behind, even if it’s only for a weekend!

So when was the last time you visited Goa? Is it time for you to go now?

Let’s find out in this list of the 10 Signs You Need to Pack Your Bags for Goa:

1. You are getting married soon

You know your freedom will be compromised with and you need that one last chance to have some great beach fun! Gather you besties and elope to Goa before you slip into that wedding dress of yours!

2. You drink 50 cups of coffee to keep you awake at your boring work place

Ok, so your life is officially boring and you need an escape! Pack up your bags and leave, with or without informing your boss!

3. You are turning green with all the people checking-in and putting up selfies on Facebook in Goa

So all your Facebook friends have been virtually torturing you by putting up pics and check-ins in Goa. You should definitely get up and go meet them!

4. You have started to day dream more than you usually do

You just sit in your chair and dream about the things you could be doing INSTEAD. The fun and frolic of Goa takes you into a deep lullaby and then BAM someone wakes you up. Go live your day dream!

5. The last time you went to Goa, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai had released at that time

So yeah, you are ancient, but so what? There is no age to go to Goa!
Just pack that damn bag and LEAVE!

6. You are craving sea food and a pint of Beer

You drool on just the mere mention of it, don’t you? Goan cuisine is awesome and you know it! A foodie paradise! And Beer? Well, don’t get us started!

7. You have started watching Dil Chahata Hai every alternate day to get the “feel”

Oh this movie! Everyone loves it. But you are watching it to get the feel of Goa, aren’t you? Just dump the movie and go live it yourself then!

8. You crib way too much about how you are not able to go there

I couldn’t go as I am short on cash, my parents always say no, I have no one to go with. Get over these stupid excuses and do the trip all by yourself! Enough whining!

9. All you want is some cool music and your alcohol

You need some major relaxing time. Just cool off in the shacks with your music and alcohol by your side. Who needs anything else, eh?

10. You are reading this article very carefully

Gotcha! You could relate to each and every point written here! Still waiting for someone to ring the bell? Go on and book your tickets or just give us a shout! Gosh, you needed some convincing!

So that sums it up. You are in dire need of Vitamin Beach! Go on, and come back all fresh, rejuvenated and most important of all, inspired to start work afresh!


Komal Jain is an IT professional during day and a writer at all other times. She has a bachelor’s degree in engineering, but she tries to ignore it and finds peace and purpose in writing. Travelling, eating, and writing is what she basically wants to do her life.
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