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Southeast Asia boasts of natural beauty like no other part of the world. From crystal clear blue water to precious beaches and lively cities, this whimsical part of the world is on the must visit list of all travelers and backpackers.

Talking about being photogenic, we can make endless lists about the photogenic holiday spots in Southeast Asia.

The original plan was to cut to the 10 best, but we couldn’t help add 2 more. So here’s presenting the 12 most photogenic holiday spots in Southeast Asia.

1. Lake Toba, Indonesia

One of the most beautiful natural wonders of the world, Lake Toba is half lake, half volcano. It is the perfect place to spend some quality time with your loved ones, in the cool breeze and lovely ambience. You can hire a bike or a car and drive along the pristine waters, or indulge in some water sports that take place there. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the beauty that Mother Nature has to offer!

2. Vientiane, Laos

Fondly known as the “best capital city” in the world, Vientiane is picture perfect, with a golden frame around it! The place is friendly, full of pretty French mansions and you will find a noodle stall around every corner! Enjoy a beer at the beach watching the sunset or just gorge on the delicious food this city offers; everything will leave you feeling content. Visit this city on a long break and feel refreshed like never before!

3. Halong Bay, Vietnam

Designated a World Heritage site in 1994, this whimsical landscape of limestone islets will fascinate you like nothing you have seen before. Get on a boat cruise, do some cave exploring, enjoy the city life at the all-night open karaoke bars; this place is always ready for its lot of tourists! You can also sleep on a boat! Yes they have that option as well!

February – April is the best time to visit Halong Bay, to capture its beauty in true form!

4. Angkor Wat, Cambodia

A world heritage site, Angkor will blow you mind away with its ancient preserved beauty and charm. Angkor is all about water and stone! The place boasts of an enormous system of artificial canals, dikes, and reservoirs spreading to as far as 8km. Siem Reap is one of the fastest growing towns here that has seen a high rate of tourism. Tethered balloon rides offer a unique aerial view of the whole town. If you want to explore the remote and off-beaten tracks, hire a bike and track your own way!

5. Boat Quay, Singapore

The hub of Singapore entertainment scene, Boat Quay will offer you the electric freshness that is much needed on a holiday! A mixture of great high end restaurants and dining pubs, Boat Quay is undoubtedly the favorite place to chill! You can see every color in the ambience at night, when the city is at her best! It is the perfect place to holiday if you like some city glitz and jazzy bars!

6. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Affectionately known as KL, Kuala Lumpur is an amazing cultural hub which is incomparable. An amazing mixture of cross-cultural influences and traditions, Kuala Lumpur radiates an exciting charm that is impossible to miss! You can see some of the world’s most breathtaking modern buildings here that are inspired by the unique style of Malay architecture. It is the kind of place that has blended the old with new so perfectly that you will tend to lose yourself in its sheer delightfulness!

7. Dili, East Timor

It’s a paradise getaway from the busy lives that we all lead. Get yourself recharged and rejuvenated in this cute little city. Take a trip there and get a chance to indulge in international food, buy supplies and meet some of the loveliest locals! Visit the Statue of Jesus for its legendary stories or the Cape Fatucama for its sheer scenic beauty; you will definitely find your peace in this charming lazy city!

8. Hoi An, Vietnam

Lovingly called as the “prettiest town in Vietnam”, Hoi An is an instant hit amongst travelers. It is graceful, atmospheric and a really delightful town to visit. Its ancient heritage is built along the riverside, giving it the elegance of no other. Lounge bars, boutique hotels, and a bunch of restaurants are there to spend some quality time with your loved ones. Go there to escape from “life” and spend some rejuvenating time in the enticing scenery of Vietnam!

9. Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is a very popular holiday destination. It is the cultural and economic capital of Thailand. It is a beautiful blend of old-world charm and modern convenience. You will be overwhelmed by the many things that this city has to offer you. From temples, the Grand Palace, shopping centers, souks, Bangkok definitely has what it takes to entertain visitors from all parts of the world, either first time or return travelers. The local street food, the bustling China Town, the floating markets, the sea of spas and boutiques; Bangkok is the perfect idea of a relaxing and delightful holiday!

10. Yangon (Rangoon), Burma

This city is more than 2,500 years old, making it one of the oldest in the history of mankind! Nature lovers will simply fall in love with the city’s stunning lakes, shady parks and numerous tropical trees. Yangon is fondly called as ‘The Garden City of the East’! It is a city that balances religion, tradition and modern civilization while preserving its relics. It will give you insightful peace and calm with its mesmerizing beauty and charm!

11. Kanchanaburi, Thailand

Surrounded by the elegant rivers Mae Nam Khwae Noi and Mae Nam Mae Klong, the scenic beauty of Kanchanaburi will leave you amazed. Go there to laze around, leaving the hectic city life behind you. The variety of culture that you will come across here is really rare. Visit the famous temple caves; experience the rich Buddhism that is practiced here, the Limestone Mountains giving away the pretty river in this picturesque basin and gorge on the traditional street food! It is the best getaway for people who lead busy lives.

12. Mai Chau, Vietnam

If you want to get lost far away into eternal beauty, Mai Chau is the place for you. The whole valley of Mai Chau is surrounded by lush flora and limestone cliffs. The breeze at the mountain top will literally blow your mind away! It is a great alternative to common hill side and mountain holidaying. A great place to explore religion as well!

So now you know where you can get the best views in Southeast Asia. So what’s the wait for? Book your tickets and visit these places and experience heaven on Earth!


Komal Jain is an IT professional during day and a writer at all other times. She has a bachelor’s degree in engineering, but she tries to ignore it and finds peace and purpose in writing. Travelling, eating, and writing is what she basically wants to do her life.
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