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Cricket, soccer, basketball, volleyball- you’ve had enough of them. No doubt they perk up your energy levels and get you sweating but what you need is some real spiking up of your adrenaline levels. So here are the 10 craziest adventure sports of the world that will send your blood boiling.

1. Volcano Boarding

Ever thought you would get to rub shoulders with a volcano other than studying about them in your geography books? Well, this sport actually lets you go sliding in top speed, on a board down the surface of an active volcano. Of course, with knee pads, helmets, jump suits and all sorts of protective gear. If this sport thrills you, head to the foothills of Cerro Negro Mountain in Nicaragua and savor the thrill of racing down a 2380 feet volcano.

2. Surfing

Braving the gnarly white waves along the Tahiti coastline can indeed get crazy. No wonder, the Hawaiian kings with the minds of Ulysses loved this sport. Today, the sport has come to be insured because of the potential danger it poses to surfers.

3. Dirt Biking

Bikes trigger your senses. In addition, if you have already tried out Mountain Biking and Quad Biking, give this sport a try. As you maneuver your vehicle through pools of mud, you will feel the power of steering the heavy bike with your hands. This is a challenge that’s both physical and mental.

4. Cliff Diving

You have been diving all your life in swimming pools. How about going a step, in fact, a huge step further to taste some real dangerous thrill? Another weird adventure sport from the Hawaiian Islands, Cliff Diving requires you to take a plunge into the sea and all this from the top of a high cliff approximately 23-28 meters in altitude! Amateurs can take the plunge from 18-23 meters above sea level. You can feel the exhilaration as your body free-falls from and finally touches the water.

5. Crocodile Bungee

For those who have indulged in regular bungee jumping activities, attempt to try something more dangerous. Gather all your courage and try what the thrill-seeking Aussies indulge in for that extra adrenaline rush- Crocodile Bungee Jumping, where live crocodiles with their mammoth jaws open await you. You’re very narrowly missing the literal jaws of death,, things cannot get crazier.

6. Street Luge

A variation of Buttboarding, Street Luge allows you to lay down your whole body on the surface of a specially designed board as you move along the streets driven by gravity. New Zealand offers beginners a whole lot of opportunities to try sit-down luge boarding experiences which tend to go easier on your body as you race down slopes.

7. Rock Crawling

You might have driven your vehicle amidst the bumpiest of roads, but they cannot get bumpier than this. One of the craziest adventure sports of the world, Rock Crawling challenges your driving skills through the roughest of tracks as you steer your heavy duty vehicle over boulders and steep paths strewn with rock piles.

8. Slacklining

It is not the typical tightrope walking that you witness at the circuses. It in fact, comprises a nylon rope that bounces and stretches as you walk along it. Two anchor points on two cliffs are generally determined to hold the rope. The rope is often harnessed with varied kinds of webbing which in turn makes the surface of the line flat, thus helping the slacker rest his foot more rigidly upon it. With the rope capable of bouncing, stretching and twirling it enables you to try out some stunts if you are good at it.

9. Deep Water Soloing

Rock climbing solo- this is what comprises the basis of Deep Water Soloing. You will be climbing up the steep sea cliffs of rugged rocks without any expert or guide by your side to help you. Of course, it needs a lot of mastering before taking on these cliffs; all the more because you will feel the sea waters splashing over you since it takes place only during high tide. However, the sea cushions you well if you happen to slip off the cliff and fall down below.

10. Skywalking

For all those photography buffs out there who nurture a love for extreme and weird adventure sports this one is definitely one worth trying out. A new extreme sport on the block attempted first by the daredevil Russians the activity requires you to walk up to reach the sky at dangerous heights and click a snap that is worth the risk you take. The venues for climbing can be anything- from mammoth statues and towers to protruding iron props and what not. And all of this is done without a single safety equipment to shield you. Can anything get more dangerous than this?

So now that you have got some real thrilling and some death-defying crazy adventure sports up your sleeves, gather all your guts and set forth to brave them .


Satarupa is a chatterbox always on the move. While Amritsar is her personal favorite, she aspires to visit any place that can be romantic! A word-monger addicted to all things travel and to the awesome food she gets to lick on each trip.
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