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Who does not want to go on a vacation to Europe? Romantic Paris, luscious Brussels, the sporty Barca or young Amsterdam!

Then what stops us? Obviously the travel cost! But you’d be surprised to know how cheap and budget friendly Europe can be to you. And no, we are not talking about any lesser known places!

Here are the 10 cheapest holiday destinations in Europe:

1. Budapest

Budapest is often called as The little Paris of Middle Europe and surely enough; it has been a favorite destination amongst all travelers since a very long time.The culture and architecture is so old, that it will hold you in awe. The city has two sides, Buda and Pest, depicting two different characters.The Hungarian capital has been named the most affordable city destination for two years running. It should definitely be in your must visit list now!

Must visit –A Danube cruise for beautiful panoramic views of Buda and Pest.
Cost per head/night - £60

2. Madrid

Another capital city makes it to this list! Madrid is known for its beautiful art and ancient historical landmarks. But do not mistake it for only being a cultural destination. It has many colorful pubs, and nightclubs where you can let your hair down and enjoy the city’s nightlife!

Must visit - Do not leave without trying chocolate and churros at San Ginés, the most famous chocolateria in all of Madrid!
Cost per head/night - £75

3. Barcelona

Barca is often called as Spain’s second capital after Madrid! This city is always on the move! The colorful streets, the street art, the amazing architecture; it makes you fall in love with every step you take. The famous eccentric artist Antoni Gaudi’s art work is well known worldwide. That should be on your list of ‘must see’ when in Barca!

Must visit –Park Guell and The Mad House, both constructed by Gaudi.
Cost per head/night - £75

4. Nice

Very few people are aware of the fact that Nice is one of the shining gems of the French Riviera! The old town markets, the friendly local crowd, the easy life, everything is so perfect about this small city! Simply walking and gazing at the city’s beautiful architecture will make you fall in love with Nice.

Just rent a car and make way for happiness.

Must visit –A chocolate spa at La Bulled’Isis.
Cost per head/night - £80

5. Brussels

Another capital city on our list, it is one of the most budget friendly cities in Europe. Brussels boasts of the ancient history of the Dukes, the political infrastructure and combines it with modern art and delicious food! Now that’s a combination one has to try right? Visit this lively city and get a chance to live like the locals there and experience a freedom that you have never felt before!

Must visit –The oh so pretty Grand Place.
Cost per head/night - £85

6. Berlin

Berlin is more than just football! The capital city of Germany, Berlin is a city of distinction. Culture, art or music - in Berlin there is always something going on.The city boasts of a rich art culture and if you like your music, you will definitely love this city. The street music festivals, the beach bars, the outdoor cafés, everything is just picture perfect!

The best time to visit Berlin is summertime. Start packing!

Must visit –Brandenburger Tor, for peace and quiet.
Cost per head/night - £80

7. Paris

Paris may sound like a very expensive holiday destination, but it’s really not that expensive! Apart from being the fashion capital of the world, Paris also boasts of exquisite French cuisine which you just can’t resist! You can take a picture anywhere in the city and it will turn out to be beautiful – such is its picturesque ambience.

Hop, shop and eat, you just can’t get enough of this heaven!

Must visit – The beautiful and incomparable Cathedral of Notre Dame
Cost per head/night - £65

8. Amsterdam

Anytime is the best time to visit Amsterdam. If you are a festive kind of a person, you will love this city! A variety of cultural events and festivals are held throughout the year in Amsterdam keeping the popular tourism in mind. Walk by the canal, visit the Tulip gardens, buy souvenirs at the local street markets; holidays in Amsterdam offer something for everyone, fwhether you are a group of friends or honeymooners or families. Have fun with the Dutch!

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Must visit –A walk to remember at the Amsterdam canal ring.
Cost per head/night - £90

9. Lisbon

Portugal’s capital is a delight to visit! Lisbon is a mixture of a number of cultures from across the globe. With beaches, natural parks, cultural routes and accommodation for all tastes, it is hard not to fall for this city.

There is so much to discover in fascinating Lisbon that you should go on a vacation for a couple of weeks to take the whole city in!

Must visit –Torre De Bellum, for its beautiful and exquisite architecture.
Cost per head/night - £95

10. Prague

Prague is often called as one of Europe’s most picturesque cities. This city remains beautiful throughout the year, so visit it in any season and experience a delight! The gold tipped towers, the magnificent churches, the cobbled lanes, the castles and cathedrals, everything is magical about Prague. You may need more than a long weekend break in Prague, so plan ahead!

Must visit – The Dancing House, for its modern architecture.
Cost per head/night - £100

There you go! Our compilation of the cheapest holiday destinations in Europe. Do not scratch off Europe from your holiday list just because you think it’s expensive. Remember, there is always an alternative! So pick your choice and pack your bags! Enjoy a pocket friendly holiday in the picture perfect cities of Europe!

Happy holidays!


Komal Jain is an IT professional during day and a writer at all other times. She has a bachelor’s degree in engineering, but she tries to ignore it and finds peace and purpose in writing. Travelling, eating, and writing is what she basically wants to do her life.
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