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Given all the hype and hoopla around finding ‘The One’, we often forget to focus on all the awesome things that we could and should do for ourselves before taking the plunge. You must visit Spain in this lifetime and preferably before you get hitched. Why? Well for starters a trip through Spain will open your eyes, heart and soul like no other experience. I once met a friend who had spent a couple of years working in Spain and midway our conversation I realized that Spain is synonymous to living life to the fullest. The Spanish motto is ‘move slowly; enjoy yourself; eat well; and relax’ — this is exactly what gives the country so much character.

Daring modern architecture; amazing regional diversity; sophisticated cities; postcard beaches; fantastic weather; a sleepy countryside festooned with citrus and olive groves; delicious seafood, potato tortilla, tapas, and paella; delectable sangria, and choice of rioja–all of this is Spain. A holiday in Spain is an unconventional proposition and we tell you why, so read along!

1. Add a Dash of Passion with a Flamenco performance

Spanish people are all about passion, love and more passion (they are rumored to be the best lovers) and Flamenco bears a testimony to that. With UNESCO listing flamenco as Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2010, Spain continues to stand at the vanguard of this vital and precious art. You can score yourself a real treat if you manage to be in Seville anytime in September for the Flamenco Biennial Festival. Experiencing flamenco at its unadulterated best – a raw, uncompromising, wonderfully uplifting spectacle where fervent artists uncover a piece of their soul in every stanza. Flamenco lovers won’t want to miss this edition of the spectacular month long festival that celebrates one of Spain’s most beloved artistic traditions.

2. Explore the Art Mafia

“Send Gaudi and the Sagrada Familia to Hell,” probably what sounds like an excerpt from Fountainhead, is actually Pablo Picasso expressing his dislike for Gaudi in hardly measured words. Both artists represented an era where evocative work and raw creativity ruled the day. They paved trails for eccentrics yet disgust for each other’s work was mutually and openly shared. Gaudi’s unique approach to the Art Nouveau movement generated some of the most creative buildings like La Sagrada Familia, Park Guell , La Pedrera and Casa Batllo. Infact for those of you who actually live to explore art on this planet, this year Spain celebrates the Year of El Greco. Spain is paying tribute to its adopted son and of its great painters, with several exhibitions including Madrid. In total, 125 works by El Greco will be on display at locations ranging from its magnificent cathedral to the private family chapel of Saint Joseph, which had never been opened to the public before.

3. When you don’t laugh or sing in Spain, it is often for one reason: your mouth is full!

While Breakfast is modest and lunch, an indulgent affair; it’s the dinner that sets this country apart. . Mercado de San Miguel, is once such indoor food market in Madrid that best demonstrates this love affair with food. The fare here is delicious and surprisingly affordable. Spaniards typically like to party as late as 3 or 4 o’clock in the morning, and you may find more people out at midnight than in broad daylight. The last stop on the way home from a long evening of endless fun is usually a churreria or a churro stand. Fresh churros, bought from a street vendor or sidewalk café, served hot and sprinkled with sugar and hot melted chocolate are delicious and make a great snack before hitting the bed.

Culture and trend aside, if Spanish gastronomy has left you inspired then Madrid Fusion 2015, should definitely figure in your list. Part conference, part spectacle, this global culinary affair is changing how we all eat.

4. Go for a Wine cellar tour

Supposed to be an exciting and fun way to know your more about your ‘Poison’, Wine tourism is relatively new in Spain. The wineries of La Rioja now offer everything from 5-star architectural treats with grapeskin spa treatments to state-of-the-art wine museums. Hundreds of years ago tunnels were dug into the hillside, under the city’s structures, to keep the inhabitants safe from harm during battles. Over centuries, these tunnels have been converted into wine cellars and wineries. While many people still have their private cellars in these tunnels, there are only two wineries that still produce wine in them, and one of these is Bodega El Fabulista. The winery offers interesting experiential tours while giving a wonderful, rustic experience of winemaking.

5. Witness First class Football and More

Do you like football? Then you will love Spain. From September to June, every weekend, you can see some of the world’s best players in action. This is the spectacle of the Spanish football league and the UEFA Cup. Real Madrid and FC Barcelona are two of the most famous soccer teams in the world and are playing this season. If you miss the chance to watch a live match then just head to the nearest bars or restaurants as they fill up with lively locals who get together to have a drink, chat about their opponent’s chances, and make predictions about the final result. So, be sure to watch a game, root for the home team and get carried away by the atmosphere to have a great time. Attention ladies, don’t forget to generously cool your eyes on the very hot Mr. Pique!!

6. Life is a Celebration!

Spaniards literally live this phrase. Home to some of the most colorful, joyous and unique fiestas in the world, Spaniards aren’t short of festivals that border on madness. Seeking thrill, people do all sorts of unbelievable things, right from running with the bulls in Pamplona to unarguably the wackiest La Tomatina . Some of the biggest annual festivals like the pyrotechnics of Las Fallas in Valencia, The Valencia Fireworks Festival, The Moors and Christian Festival Alicante, Las Hogueras de San Juan and La Féria de Malaga attract millions of tourists each year. Every single city, town and village in the country has its own unique fiesta and the smaller, local festivals prove just as rewarding to the visitor.

7. A hit of adrenaline for the adventure junkie

Spain is a veritable playground for the sports enthusiast. You can indulge in sky diving, scuba diving, or take a boat cruise across the waters of the Mediterranean or Atlantic. Spain offers this and much more. The country is paradise for hikers searching for landscape diversity and calm. The country offer unique and universal long distance paths, such as the Way of Saint James as well as ancient nature packed routes. Spain has some mind-blowing water parks too! Lago Martianez, an oasis of sea water, palms, and volcanic rock in Tenerife, brings waterparks to the level of art. And for the serious motor biking aficionados there is Superbike at the Jerez Grand Prix between 5th to 7th September. One of the last events of the season, if you love speed, you shouldn’t miss this one!

8. Fiesta of international Art and Music

A mix of cityscape and picturesque Basque beach town, the cosmopolitan nature of the San Sebastian provides a fitting environment for an international film festival. The festival considers itself a home for “disquieting and innovative” films. The international flavour of the festival is illustrated by a glance at the guest list which usually includes many top names from Hollywood. Besides this, there are many festivals of international interest that celebrate music and the arts like the Granada International Festival of Music and Dance and the Benicassim Festival . These events are some of the most awaited European music festivals.

Spain is a country that’s hard to be resisted and left unexplored, an entity better experienced than explained. Spaniards live life to celebrate it and so should you. Challenge yourself on this one time and trust us you will thank yourself for taking this chance. So get ready to be swamped with the thrill and excitement of living life on the edge, the Spanish way. The people, the culture and the landscapes they all beckon you. Feliz Viaje!!


After spending almost 3 years creating buzz around brands, I decided to quit the world of PR and pursue my true calling which was all about traveling and yoga. If not planning my next trip then I could be found cooking up a storm in the kitchen. Though born and raised in the hillside town of Dehradun I am a beach bum at heart.
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