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The much-coveted honeymooning time is now knocking at the door with your wedding day coming nigh. You and your would-be groom get busy flipping through pages of travel magazines to pick out the perfect destination to make it a romantic vacation par excellence oozing with enchantment, eroticism, enigma and idealism.

If you have picked out Europe as your honeymoon destination, you have made the right choice; for Europe presents itself as a playground of romantic getaways with its mélange of captivating countries, scintillating cities, snow-capped mountains, bewitching beaches, secluded coastlines and a fanfare of exquisite culture and architecture. Name anything and you are sure to get your slice of paradise right there in this continent. With so many options galore here are the top 10 honeymoon destinations in Europe to make your search easy.

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Santorini Island, Greece

If you had had a summer wedding, fret not for Europe gives you optimum opportunity to savor its summer solitude to the lees. And one of the best honeymoon places in Europe to get cozy even in summers is Greece’s Santorini Island. The ambience is just what you could expect out of an idyllic Grecian land with towering cliffs emerging from the azure Aegean Sea along with the gargantuan caldera filled with sea water, an enigmatic creation of a volcanic eruption. Whether you would prefer the quaint boutique hotels of the town of Fira or rather make love amidst the luxurious private cottages of Yria hotel, you will be spoilt for choices to take your honeymoon stay a notch higher.

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Tuscany, Italy

Basking “under the Tuscan Sun”, just like Frances Mayes bestseller with stretches of olives, undulating hillocks and luscious vineyards, Tuscany’s immaculately breathtaking countryside will indeed intoxicate you with its natural beauty. Delightful wineries all around will serve you mouthwatering wines straight from the succulent vineyards and the heavenly ambience around. You cannot help but let all your worries go with the wind and simply unwind and relax in the midst of the homey, blasé atmosphere. And if you want some real adventurous sex you can always hit its spectacular beaches.

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Nice, France

A luxurious retreat with dollops of beach surprises and experiences presents itself as one of the most coveted European honeymoon destinations. Turquoise blue waters lapping up the pebbly shores lined with pastel hued buildings lend the place a heavenly feeling. There’s a lot to render your adventurous and aesthetic souls with in the daytime such as hopping around the Old Town Churches, taking strolls along the meandering streets or admiring the works of art at the Place Massena. But the real treat for a happening honeymoon begins at night as the place dazzles through its Euro-chic nightlife that compels you to look forward to relive the experience with a second honeymoon.

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Love to be amidst the seas? Fly to Croatia and enjoy a romantic yacht honeymoon that takes you through the unfathomed water trails to the untainted Islands and the spectacular walled town Dubrovnik. If you are on a swanky budget get accommodated at Hotel Podstine in the posh zone of Hvar Town. To understand why Brad Pitt fell in love with the place at the very first sight you ought to be in Croatia and get drowned in the mesmeric beauty of the V-shaped Bol’s Golden Cape with its shimmering white sands and turquoise blue waters. It is not without reason that lovey-dovey couples consider this as one of the hottest honeymoon destinations in Europe.

Madrid, Spain

How about honeymooning cosmopolitan style? Soak in the famed Spanish hedonism as you walk through Madrid’s streets which stay sprightly all night, bustling with jovial crowds and reverberating with dazzling restaurants and bars. The city allows you to pamper your taste buds at all times of the day while you get to groove at the discotheques all night. Get naughty in bed, hit the spa, take a stroll around the luscious Museo El Prado and dine at the terrazas with some Spanish tapas and lip smacking Spanish wine in a copa. Madrid honeymoons offer you a perfect blend of urban splendor with the Mediterranean’s mellowed ambience.

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Venice, Italy

You may have heard about the “City of Waters” from many around but you have to be on its soil to get the real taste of it. The city, brimming with canals all over, will surely mesmerize you to the core and you can opt for one of the tour guides to help you soak in the culture of this city. And of course there is the most romantic ride in the world aboard the graceful gondolas where you can drown in each other’s arms and whisper sweet nothings. The ambience of Venice gets you completely inebriated and enchanted making it one of the best honeymoon spots in Europe.

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Vienna, Austria

Want to feel like Cinderella in your Prince’s arms aboard white horse-driven carriages? How about a sojourn to the mellifluous cosmos of Beethoven and Mozart? Or admiring the Gothic world of grandiose paintings and world-class architectural delights? If you want to experience a perfect fairy-tale like honeymoon in a fantasy world, Vienna is surely the place for you. Gallop through the cobbled streets, savor the romantic splendor of the captivating castles, cuddle each other at Staatsoper opera show and raise a toast to your Viennese honeymoon back at your retreat.

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Istanbul, Turkey

A Mediterranean honeymoon blended with the upbeat, nightlife of the Western cultures, that’s what Istanbul, Turkey presents you with. Give your Turkish romance a stronger boost by sailing across the picturesque Strait of Bosphorus with a backdrop of kaleidoscopic Ottoman villas and exotic castles. So what if your wedding is over? Turkey lures you to go on a shopping spree for its exquisite and iconic Turkish rugs along with beautiful jewellery, all obtained at a bargain. At night hop into one of the nightclubs for a ravishing night’s grooving in each other’s arms. Istanbul indeed has catapulted the charts of being one of the best honeymoon places in Europe.

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Corfu, Greece

Sumptuous green expanses dappled with psychedelic wildflowers, the sapphire waters of the Ionian Sea lapping along the pebbly beaches, the aroma of the citrus and olive groves filling the air- are these not enough to give you a feel of Paradise? No wonder Corfu enchanted and impressed Shakespeare and Homer to such extent as to capture its beauty in their epic sagas. It is this dreamy ambience of Corfu which makes it one of the most desired European honeymoon destinations, the perfect spot to savor the turmoil of Shakespeare’s Tempest. If the rain seems to be a hindrance to your beach ventures, you can make a sojourn to Corfu’s Old Fortress in its peppy pastel shades which give you enough nooks and corners to get cozy.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Imagine making love under five layers of blanket amidst a glass igloo or drowning in romantic ecstasy as you both savor the beauty of the Aurora Borealis. Feel the warmth of each other’s body by indulging in a hot bath inside your own delightful private encampment set in the midst of vast expanse of white snow or simply take your Arctic honeymoon to someplace else with the art-deco styled luxury accommodation at Hotel Borg. Honeymoons cannot get more surreal and sizzling than this.

So make any of these best European honeymoon destinations your own romantic getaway niche and whisk off under the spell of romance, lovemaking and idyllic settings in one another’s company.


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