Dubai thrives on its tourism industry. Duty-free shopping and desert safaris are the front-runners of Dubai tourism. It’s only in recent times that beaches have gained popularity. Here’s to Dubai’s most popular two beaches.

Jumeirah Beach

Jumeirah beach is the largest and by far, the most popular beach in Dubai. It also happens to be the city-state’s first beach park. Less than a half an hour drive from Dubai’s bustling city centre, the beach, in stark contrast to the city, stretches out for a few kilometers of blue sea and silver sand. You can laze around here for hours devouring the amazing view that includes the magnificent Burj Al Arab and the Jumeirah Hotel. There’s nowhere else in the world you’ll get those views. There’s a multitude of cafés and restaurants scattered around the area where you can sip on tea or coffee and nibble on snacks. There’s also a children’s recreation area for families with kids, ideal for picnics. There are games for kids and challenging water sports for the more adventurous lot. Although the waters are shallow and the beach is safe for children and adults, lifeguards are still around to ensure maximum safety. If you’re still apprehensive about taking a dip in the sea, swimming pools and shower facilities are also available. The park around the beach is the perfect picnic spot; equipped with barbeque grills and wooden benches. Enjoy your mouth-watering barbeque with the backdrop of a tranquil sun setting across the horizon. A small amphitheatre hosts live dance and music performances.

Mondays and Wednesdays are ‘Women Only’ days here.

Al-Mamzar Beach

This one is a man made beach park, but in no way falls short of delivering the quintessential beach experience. It is pretty huge covering 106 hectares. It comes fully equipped with plush greenery, an amphitheatre, kid’s recreation place, multiple swimming pools, barbecue and picnic spots, lagoons and multiple beaches. Apart from being a venue for picnics and water sports, the Al-Mamzar beach park provides the luxury of relaxing under the canopy of trees. Football and kite flying are very popular here.

Sundays and Tuesdays are ‘Women Only’ days here.

Things to keep in mind

-          No male above the age of four is allowed entry on ‘Women Only’ days.

-          Watch what you wear on the beach. They are usually quite tolerant with tourists, but you are the visitor. Don’t offend their sensibilities.

The majority of places to see in Dubai are air-conditioned so the heat won’t really bother you. The best time to visit Dubai beach parks are in the evenings, when the sun is not too harsh or in the winters.

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