World’s Highest Zip-line Opens! Get Ready to Fly!
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 Daredevils have one more reason to pack their bags and jump with joy. The world’s highest zip wire line has now opened above France’s celebrated ski resort, Val Thorens. The line is located at a height of almost 3200 m (gulp!) above sea level and is a mile long.

Get Set Go [Image courtesy: DailyMail UK]

Named as La Tyrolienne, the mega zip wire connects the Maurienne and Tarentaise valleys, and starts from the top of the Bouchet Chair Lift in Orelle to the summit of Val Thorens. It takes around 1 minute 45 seconds to get transported from one end to the other.

Cost: 50 Euros for a ride

What the first timers have to say:

Woman of steel : Ingrid

Ingrid, a young lady all of 25, was one of the first ones to suspend herself from this rope in the sky. She said,

“It’s fantastic because you don’t feel any vertigo even though you’re almost 300 metres above the ground! […] I would recommend it to everyone without the least hesitation, even if I was a bit apprehensive about the departure.”

How it was built?

It ain’t an easy task to build a ropeway so high up in the mountains in extreme conditions. Engineers had to ski between the two peaks, while dragging the steel cables themselves!

‘We limited our use of helicopters and fitted the cable from the ground,” says Mathieu Berger, one of the minds behind the project.

All the best, brothers and sisters: 

The zipline is open to skiers and snowboarders. There’s little chance that any couch potato like you or me would dare to hang 3200 m above sea level. But in case you do, check out the details here, and good luck, buddy.






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