Europe’s Tallest Tourist Attraction is a Glass Cube in Thin Air
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Warning: Those with a fear of heights, vertigo issues, and general weak-heartedness might want to stay away.

Picture Source: Luxury Travel Advisor

A glass cube has been suspended from a peak high up in the Alps for visitors to enjoy a stunning view of the mountains below. It is being claimed as the highest tourist attraction in Europe.

“Step into the Void”, for that’s what it’s been named, opens to public tomorrow. Tourists get an awe-inspiring view a kilometer down, covering the snow-covered Alps, including Mont Blanc, Europe’s highest mountain.

Can’t feel my feet! [Picture source: Huffington Post]

A French tourism company has achieved this incredible feat – it took them 3 years to build the structure. The cube has transparent glass on five sides, floor included. It is made of tempered glass supported by metal, and hangs from Aiguille du Midi Mountain on French land.

For those who are too chicken-hearted (like us) to do some real adventure like bungee-jumping or sky-diving, this is the best way to experience some adrenaline rush.

Tell us if your legs don’t shake a little when you step onto the cube, and we’ll put your picture in our hall of fame.

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