When Barbie got Hungry!
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Pink stilettos, pink tutu, pink bustier, pink bag, pink accessories…remind you of someone? Well, it’s a certain someone called Barbie. Now think pink bar tables that look like stiletto heels, pink chair backs that resemble bustiers, some with a pink tutu, and pink chandeliers shaped like elegant teapots with teacups and saucers…Welcome to the first Barbie Café’ in all the world!

Licensed by U.S. toymaker Mattel, Taiwan restaurant company Sinlaku on Wednesday opened the Barbie Café on Zhongxiao road, one of the busiest shopping districts in the capital, Taipei. The cafe’s decoration comes at a cost of 1.7 million dollars. Waitresses wear tutus and tiaras (obviously in pink) while their male counterparts try hard, to look like Ken, Barbie’s strapping on-off squeeze. The restaurants’ most interesting feature is a gigantic Barbie box allowing customers to step in and feel like a packaged, life-size Barbie.

Using Barbie and food in the same sentence, now that’s challenging! Not half as difficult as a designing a menu for Barbie’s abnormally, and anatomically-challenging, slim figure, whoever heard of Barbie eating anyway?! With that in mind, the restaurant menu has been designed by professional nutritionists with a calorie chart on the first page of the menu, with calorie data listed alongside each item.The menu itself is a hodgepodge of offerings, including Chicken toast box, Hazelnut tiramisu, Macaroons in martini glasses, Philadelphia steak salad, Salmon beauty salad and Barbie 128 (a pink drink named after the café’s address).

Besides dolls, Mattel retails garments, accessories and furniture in Taiwan and some select products will be available in the café. Jessica Ho, an office worker in Taipei who has a five-year-old daughter, gave her thumbs-up to the Barbie Cafe. “My child and I both love Barbie and this lovely and cute place is like a dream come true for us. I will take her here to celebrate her next birthday,” she said.

Would you like to visit the Barbie Café’ ??


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