World’s Kinkiest Theme Park in South Korea
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Warning: The following content contains sexually explicit images. Viewer discretion is advised.

After reading the title, I am sure you don’t want to read any text. It’s the pictures you wanna see. Okay go see the pictures, and then resume reading.

Love ride

Kudos to the artist?

Now that you have a fairly good idea of what it is, let me tell you it’s for real, and it’s attracting a lot of visitors. South Korea’s Jeju island is the new lovemaking destination. Jeju Loveland has now been named as the world’s first theme park dedicated to sex.

The park boasts of around 140 sexually explicit statues and displays. Not much is left to the imagination, as the statues depict various sex positions between humans, between animals, and some more permutations and combinations. Huge statues of naked women are sprawled around the park. A 33-feet marble penis can claim to be the biggest male organ in the world.

Young couples and honeymooners have been flocking to the park like moths to a flame ever since it opened in 2004. Those who are well-versed with their sexual sides have the whole park as their playground, while the ones who still feel virginal in the world of sex have a lot to learn from here. In fact, the park is being touted as a crash course in sex for honeymooners!

Visitors enjoying their time at Loveland

Women can’t resist him

The intention behind the park was noble— the owners hoped it would help “break the traditional taboos around sex”. The creators of this extraordinary piece of art are art school students from Seoul’s Hongik University who were commissioned to let their imaginations run wild.

You need an hour to see the park (of course, that is hugely subjective depending on your interests). There is also a gift shop which stocks sex toys.

Tip: If your wife is slightly prudish, the Loveland should definitely be on your honeymoon package itinerary.

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