A walk to remember: Europe’s highest suspension bridge opens
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Home to the first revolving cable car in the world, Engelberg, Switzerland’s popular ski destination, can now boast of having the highest suspension bridge in Europe as well. At a dizzying 3000 metres above sea level, Titlis Cliff Walk, promises a walk you will not easily forget. A challenge for the faint-hearted and those who’re afraid of heights, the bridge has been built on the slopes of Mount Titlis, one of the higher peaks of the Swiss Alps. But although seemingly dangerous, the walkway is actually designed to ensure the safety of all those who cross it. Peter Reinle, spokesman for Titlis Engelberg Resort said, “It is 100 percent safe…it’s quite impossible to fall from the bridge.” Reinle added that around 500 people that have crossed the bridge since it opening on Friday, December 14, and that “most of the visitors had been impressed.”

Built at the cost of £1 million, the walkway took 5 months to complete. It is just 3 feet wide and extends to a length of 328 feet. Constructing it was a challenge for the engineers and workers as the working hours were determined totally by the weather conditions. Also, the bridge has been built to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the opening of a cableway which joined the towns of Engelberg and Gerschnialp in January 1913.

The bridge is expected to draw even more visitors to Switzerland’s famous Mount Titlis

To add to the excitement of inauguration, the opening day of Titlis Cliff Walk saw a snowstorm which made it a real adventure for those who crossed it. Unfortunately, the storm also reduced visibility significantly and visitors couldn’t really enjoy the views of the mountains nor appreciate the depth of the chasm what lay below them. It is expected that the bridge will see a lot more excitement during the summer months when travellers descend on the Alps. “It’s going to be really big next summer as a high-adrenaline kind of new adventure in Switzerland,” Ursula Beamish, a spokeswoman for Switzerland Tourism, said.


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