The Voices in your Head: Ads through Train Windows
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Imagine you are travelling by a train in Germany. Pin-drop silence. The passengers in your compartment are either sleeping or reading or staring idiotically in front of them. You lean your head against the train window and close your eyes. Suddenly your hear voices. Clear distinct human voices.

Don’t get all shaken up. You are not being haunted by some spirits from the other world. The voices you heard were advertisements which can be heard only when you rest your head against the train window.

Developed by BBDO Germany on behalf of Sky Deutschland, these ads use vibration technology just like headphones and will be audible only when there is physical contact between the source and listener. This sort of selective advertising will allow much freedom to those sick and tired of listening to ads on trains.

And the most eerie thing about the technology is that the sounds appear to come from inside the listener’s head. This really can mess up with a person’s brain. The technology that uses the principle of conduction transmits sounds directly to the inner ear through the skull. Yes, they are literally putting things in our minds.

BBDO said, “Some people don’t like advertising in general. But this is really a new technology. [It might] not only be used for advertising, but also for music, entertainment, mass transport information, weather reports and so on.”

The reactions:

Last we heard passengers were moaning about not being able to sleep in trains. There has been some outrage too. Some online users said they would prefer to “take a sledgehammer to the window.”

Hello sir, are you sleeping?

Presently, the technology is being tested only in Germany. Lenny, our old spy from Switzerland, was also heard muttering something about transmitting information through windows of trains and planes. Methinks planes can provide soothing music through its windows, without disturbing other passengers. How nice. No headphones needed. Just lean your head against the window.

Tip: Don’t board this train after watching a horror movie. If you have to, do not dare to fall asleep on the window.


About - Nishi Jain spent five years studying English literature at Delhi University, at the end of which she realized 'all art is useless'. Another two years editing novels and writing newspaper articles, and shouting herself hoarse in street plays, she realized that erudition never got anybody anywhere. So, she took off and visited the four corners of India, came back, and announced that the best thing in the world was cheesecake. Now, she just writes, plays ping pong, and eats cake on the sly.

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