Would You Stay in Paris’s New Kiss Room?
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Ever wondered what it would be like to live in a room full of mirrors? The Kiss Room in Paris sets out to deliver that very experience, with a thousand mirrors that cover the space from floor to ceiling!

Mirror mirror on the wall

Within the 12 square metres of this room, visitors can encounter a thousand reflections in all directions. The idea perhaps is to induce some quiet inward ‘reflection’. To add to this mood of solitary introspection, the room has been made windowless and soundproof. Visitors will be serenaded with a special song created by Nicholas Godin from the band Air. Minimal furnishing includes a bed, a chair and a desk and a mini bar offering champagne.

Facing the Self: Mathias Kiss, the artist

Hailed as an installation as well as an accommodation, the brain behind this imaginative venture is Paris-based Hungarian artist Mathias Kiss, whose artwork draws heavily on the idea of reflection, time and space.

The room, interestingly, is available for booking only for a thousand nights – from November 13 2013 till November 18 2016. Individual bookings however, are available for one night only.

Lodgers can visit alone or in pairs. One can engage with this experience at the cost of approximately 650 pounds a night. The Kiss Room is to be found at 78, Rue vieille du temple in Paris and existed previously as a mere storeroom within the Le Marais Café and the bar La Perle.

This is but another testimony to the quirks of the Parisian experience.


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