Sleeping Around: Belgium’s awesome ‘container hotel’
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It’s not exactly what comes to mind when you mention the word ‘recycle’, but a company in Belgium has taken the idea to a whole new level by reusing shipping containers and converting them into compact yet swish hotel rooms. The containers used are those which have been abandoned in ports by cargo ships, as returning them empty is not always profitable.

Impishly named Sleeping Around, the ‘pop-up’ hotel comprises six, 20-feet long containers. And although living in a ‘container’ might not sound like a very attractive proposition, you’ll be surprised to see how the boxes have been transformed into bright and airy living spaces, complete with a box-spring bed,  iPod docking station, air conditioning, a bathroom area with a toilet and rain shower.  While four of the six containers function as the hotel rooms, one serves as the breakfast and lounge room and the sixth, which is currently under construction, will be - a sauna, yes you’ve read it right.

Currently located next to River Scheldt in Antwerp, at the Rijnkaai pier, the best bit about the hotel is the ease with which it can packed up and moved to a new location. As they do not even need a lot of empty space, the container-rooms can be set down almost anywhere and in a matter of hours the hotel can become functional. Planning to move from its current riverfront location, Sleeping Around is now on the lookout for spot. The only requirements: drinking water, electricity and a view to die for.

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