The Best Air Hostess - Richard Branson in Skirt
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Hello, this is your air hostess for today.

Yes, this is Richard Branson you see in the red skirt, high heels, and black net stockings.

How far can you go to honour a bet? Propose a girl, fight with a random guy, act like a lunatic in public? No matter how much courage you might lay claim to, you cannot beat Richard Branson, the flamboyant czar of Virgin Atlantic. Passengers on the 6-hour AirAisa flight from Perth to Kuala Lumpur were left guffawing and gaping when they were greeted by a bearded Richard Branson dressed as a female flight attendant.

‘I’ve done some outrageous things in my time but this will be up there with the best of them,’ Branson said before boarding the flight.

The man is unpredictable. Enterprising. Can take a joke or two (after what he did, there were a thousand jokes on him!). And now, we have realized, he is a man of word too. He lost a bet, and he kept his word. The punishment was to dress up as an air hostess and serve on an Air-Asia flight. Mr. Branson didn’t bat an eyelid. Yeah, that’s our man.

What else would you like to have, sir?

The fateful bet:

Two years ago, Branson had placed a bet with Tony Fernandes, Air-Asia’s group chief, over the anticipated winner of the 2010 Abu Dhabi Formula One race. The 62-year-old boy was in for a shock when his team lost. After months of dilly-dallying and procrastinating, he gave in. A promise was a promise.

The drill:

Pretty Mr. Branson had to shave his legs, apply proper makeup (fake eyelashes et all!), and wear high heels for the ordeal. Tony Fernandes made it clear that Branson would have to adhere to the strict grooming standards for flight attendants at AirAsia. The man underwent an elaborate makeover at a cocktail event at Perth. But our Branson boy managed to save his beard, which did look a little out of place when coupled with the red lipstick.

Branson was his fun self on the flight and went around pouring tea and coffee for the lucky passengers, and serving them meals. He even added his personal touch to the in-flight announcements.

Part of the proceeds from the flight went to Starlight Foundation for sick children. The much publicized event raised $200,000.

Richard’s revenge:

The revenge

Tony would think he had got off with a super victory. But Richard Branson is no amateur. He had a little revenge at his perpetrator when he deliberately spilled a tray of drinks over him. Tony got a taste of the red when he had to walk around in the plane in his boxers till the crew got his pants dry.

Moral of the story: Never place a bet which would make you part with your pants. If you do, make sure you have either lots of money or lots of humour.


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