Meet Verrückt, the world’s tallest Water Slide
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After the World’s tallest Ferris wheel at Vegas and the tallest roller coaster in New Jersey that opened earlier this year attracted many joy ride enthusiasts, it’s time to witness the tallest splash of your life!

Meet Verrückt(German for insane!), the tallest water slide in the world, all ready to give you the highest thrill you have ever had!

Some facts about this giant joy ride:

  • It is a whopping 168 feet 7 inches tall
  • Massive water jets will catapult the rafts up a second hill for another 50-foot drop
  • It is located in Kansas Water Park, Kansas City
  • It will open its gates to the world next week
  • It has a 4-person raft

Verrückt combines uphill excitement with the thrills of a true water slide

Verrückt has a cool story attached to it as well – Owner of the Kansas Water Park Henry was at a trade show and simply decided he wanted to build the tallest, fastest water slide at one of his five Schlitterbahn water parks. He immediately shopped the idea to vendors, who declined, but he refused to be denied. So, he decided to build it HIMSELF! How crazy is that!  Its 168-foot drop will deliver what designer John Schooley calls an “extreme thrill ride.”

A cool fact –The ride is not “just a water slide”. You have three or four experiences on the ride. There is a 3-second free fall before you get launched into a weightless situation for a few seconds, and then you come down like a roller coaster and have a long splash down.

So are you brave enough to experience this thrill?

Take a leap of faith, get up there and fall without a care in the world!

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