Hotels in Paris Allow Guests to ‘Pay What You Want’
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Attention all wishful travellers to Paris- you can now pay what you want for your stay at the swanky hotels of Paris! What better time than now to visit one of the most wonderful cities on earth? This summer, for a period of three weeks, from July 21st to August 10th 2014 visitors can evaluate the prices themselves at the participating hotels.

The otherwise famously exorbitant city with a tourist influx of over 33 million has come up with this amazing way to encourage more visitors with a minimal budget to come and experience Paris. These 3 and 4 star hotels, located in the city’s 9th and 11th districts are testing this new pricing mechanism to lure tourists. So, using your best judgement towards the service and your overall experience of the hotel you can decide what you want to pay after you spend a night. If this scheme pays off and the visitors keep from misusing it, there’s hope for more hotels to join in this becoming an annual, if not regular, thing.

The Participating Hotels

  • Plaza Opera Hôtel
  • Hotel Villa Bohème
  • Hôtel Tour d’Auvergne Opera
  • Le Grand Hotel Français
  • Hotel Villa Opera Lamartine Paris

How to Book?

All bookings of the ‘pay what you want’ scheme will have to be done through their website. You’ll also find the other details and the terms and conditions mentioned here.

Time is running out to get these killer rates. There are only a limited number of rooms under this scheme, so it’s high time for you to make your move!

Isn’t this news enough to get your bags packing already? Hurry!!

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