From SmartPhone to SmartLuggage
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If you are a frequent airline traveler, then losing your luggage must be a common problem that you must have faced. Be it domestic or international, it is pretty easy to lose that suitcase.

The effort that then goes into tracking it and getting it back is too tiring and time consuming. So what if your luggage can tell you where it is! Wouldn’t it be easier to hear from the luggage itself? Sounds so cool right?

What is this awesome technology all about?

  • AT&T (T, Tech30) has developed this technology in which your luggage can be tracked from any location.
  • GPS tracking chips are embedded in bags capable of transmitting their locations to travelers
  • It will be done though an attachable tag inside the bag.
  • These tracking chips can even contact the airlines directly when they get lost.
  • The luggage will actually text you when it is lost!

When will it hit the market?
It is still under development stage and will need approval from federal regulators. But it is expected to be available for flyers soon!

Earlier, the jumbo jet maker Airbus had introduced a similar concept for smart luggage. The product, known as Bag2Go, can be tracked via a smartphone app. It also allows for self-service check-ins and can weigh itself to ensure that it meets airline requirements.

Combining both these technologies will ensure that no one loses their luggage again. Once it is introduced, the partnered airline is likely to increase the fare. But that is only fair right!

So be ready to make your luggage as smart as your phone and fly tension free!


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