Fishes Floating Outside Your Window: The Manta Underwater Hotel Room
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Are you bored of hotel rooms? If you are on a holiday, why should your hotel room make you feel like you are returning to a boarding school every evening? Okay it is posh, okay it is spotlessly clean. What else? We want more.

The tourism industry doesn’t tire of coming up with newer ways to spoil tourists. The latest addition has been made by Manta Resorts at Pemba Island in Zanzibar in the form of an underwater hotel room. The newly opened room is one of a kind in the world. Here’s exactly why:

Sun, Sea, Solitude

The Manta Underwater Room

  • The Manta Underwater Room lies four metres beneath the surface of the Indian Ocean. *Gulp*
  • The underwater bedroom is glass-walled and has windows fitted with spotlights. It’s a sight to behold when fish and other sea creatures float outside the window illuminated by the lights. (Till now you had only seen birds from your window). *Bigger gulp*
  • The other two levels – a deck and a roof – are no less enticing. The roof serves as a sunbathing terrace in the day and stargazing platform at night. And since there is minimal air pollution here, one can be sure of encountering hundreds of stars in the sky. It’s no less than a private ship of your own, except that it does not move. 

Our Pearls of Wisdom

If you were to make a bucket list (Heaven knows this is the 34th time I am using the word this week) of experiences, a night here should be on that list.

There are treehouses, there are underwater rooms, the only thing that’s left is a mid-air hotel room. Hope someone’s listening. Er…Mr Branson, where are you?

Nishi Jain

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