Experience a traditional Finnish Sauna at Helsinki Airport, Courtesy Finnair
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Finnair has most definitely upped the ante with their latest lounge addition. In a first of its kind move, they announced the opening of their new Premium Lounge on July 1 this year. The best part, there’s a sauna!

There’s one sauna for every three people in Finland; incorporating a traditional unisex sauna into their Premium Lounge seems to be the natural order of things.

“Our aim was to create a high-quality, even emotional experience for Finnair’s demanding clients,”

Designer Vertti Kivi

Now, traditional Finnish saunas are meant to be taken naked. Perhaps, stripping down and getting sweaty with fellow passengers before a flight might be too emotional an experience; the airline has, hence, “recommended” the use of towels.

The Lounge is only open to guests holding Finnair’s platinum and gold cards, who can also enjoy the following services:

-          High-quality complimentary meals and drinks, including wines and spirits

-          Marimekko tableware and Iittala Ultima Thule glasses

-          Tulip and Womb chairs created by Eero Saarinnen

-          Different zones for work, refreshment, silence or bathing are unified with a light Scandinavian design touch, creating a space that clients won’t forget

-          in harmony with Finnish nature, with dynamic changes in light, colours and video projections in tune with the seasons and time of day, all combining to create a unique atmosphere of calm

The Lounge is also open to members of equivalent status with their joint business partners American Airlines, British Airways, Iberia and Japan Airlines. Members can bring along a friend. “Other Business Class passengers are welcome to the original Lounge, which is directly adjoining and regularly features in lists of the world’s top airline lounges.” No naked sweaty sauna for you!

Where you’ll find it

Adjacent to their award-winning Finnair Lounge near Gate 36 in the non-Schengen area of Helsinki Airport.


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