Ooty Tourism & Travel Guide - Places to see in Ooty

Ooty Tour & Travel Guide - Places to See in Ooty

Doddabetta Peak

The highest peak in the Hills of the Nilgiris(2,623 metres), this place lies at the juncture of the Eastern and the Western Ghats and definitely tops the list of Ooty tourist attractions. Located at a distance of about 10 km from the main town, it offers a beautiful view of the surrounding topography. A Telescope House managed by the Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Corporation enables the tourists to get a better view.

Botanical Garden

Ooty botanical garden attracts tourists from all over the world. Flourishing, green, well maintained lawns, rare species of trees, a 20 million year old fossil tree, an Italian - style garden bordering, a variety of flowers, a range of ferns and orchids and a clear pool are some of the highlights of this garden. The "Summer Festival" held each year at the Botanical Garden during the month of May is again popular. The Flower Show is the pride of the festival.

Pykara Waterfalls

The Pykara is the largest river in the Nilgiris District. It gushes down majestically in a series of cascades and the last two falls of 55 meters and 61 meters are known as Pykara falls. The boating here is a lot of fun, so do try it if you are in Ooty. Wenlock Downs is a vast expanse of grassy meadows on way to Pykara, is very popular with the movie makers in the country.

Rose Park

Rose Park is situated in the heart of Ooty less than a km from Charring Cross at Vijayanagaram. The garden has the largest collections of roses in the country (around 3000 varieties) like Hybrid Tea Roses, miniature rose, Floribunda, Ramblers, etc. It has also received the certificate of being a "Garden of Excellence" by the World Federation of Rose Societies (WFRS) in 2006.

St. Stephen’s Church

The immaculate St Stephen’s Church, built in 1829, is the oldest church in the Nilgiris, with lovely stained glass.

Kalhatty Waterfalls

Located on the Kalhatty slopes, these falls are about 100 feet high and about 13kms from Ooty. There are several wild species like panthers, sambhar, bison and wild buffaloes endemic to this region.


Avalanche Dam and Lake is located at a distance of 25 km from Ooty. Trekking is quite popular here. The nearby trout farm is the only place in India where trout fish grow. The lake is ideal for fishing and bird watching.

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Akhil Sethuraman ()
My favourite memory of Ooty is playing cricket as a kid at one of the numerous open spaces and parks. We would start and eventually be joined by various people, kids and adults alike. Such a great place for a weekend break!

Chirag Kalra ()
The last time I visited Ooty was when i was in high school. Went there this summer after almost 10 years. And although certain things have obviously changed, the place feels the same, almost as if time had stood still.

Ankur Dhawan ()
Ooty is our favourite summer getaway. There's nothing more rejuvenationg than a good week in the hills with family. And the guesthouses at Pykara are our favourite place to stay

Nishi Jain ()
Jasmine, officially, there is no provision for tasting any dairy produce. But ya, if you can make a puppy-face cute enough to melt the hearts of the caretakers on the farm, they might part with some of the fresh produce. :)

Nishi Jain ()
Sarthak, it is highly unlikely that night viewing facility is available. The best views are afforded in daylight. You wouldn't be able to make out anything in the night, the valley being shrouded in darkness.

Swati Sareen ()
Ah yes, Wenlock Downs is a dream!

Naman Saxena ()
That's true, Ayushi. The Rose Park is just too overwhelming. We spent only a few hours there, but the scent stayed with us for the entire trip.

Ayushi Jain ()
Rose Park is a must-visit. The fragrance of the roses is so overpowering that it will linger with you till some time after you have left the place.

Sarthak Mishra ()
Hey is the Doddabetta Peak open in the evenings too? You mentioned a telescope...is there provision for night viewing too?

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