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Middle of Nowhere

The kind of places that take you away from civilization, a hidden place in the hills, a tiny island in the sea or a town where time stands still, they lie, literally, in the middle of nowhere. Live with a native family in a tiny Sikkimese village, see an entire plateau overflowing with wildflowers or loll around a beach only the local fishermen frequent. Somewhere away from your city, a different land exists and a different people live, come see

A Dream In Dhanaulti
2 Nights | 3 Days

Located deep within the Tehri District of Uttarakhand, Dhanaulti is a blissfully secluded hill station that gives one the true feel of a forest with its surrounding rhododendron, oak and deodar trees. This picturesque town is best explored on foot and has some incredible trekking trails. Horse-riding through Dhanaulti's grassy meadows is a pleasant experience. Evenings here can be spent under the stars, with bonfires to keep you warm and music the set the mood.

Package Inclusions

  • Travel from Delhi to Dhanaulti and back
  • Accommodation for 2 nights at Dhanaulti

Dharchula - A Trek to Nepal
2 Nights | 3 Days

This interesting little town is arrived at after a journey to the very end of India. Situated at the Nepal border in Uttarakhand, it has a Nepali counterpart across the Kali river. Cultures run parallel in these twin towns. Pine, oak and apple trees abound here. You can also see snow leopards, Himalayan black bears and musk deer at the Askot Sanctuary nearby. The sights and sounds here are different from anywhere else in the country, making a visit to Dharchula a completely out of the world experience.

Package Inclusions

  • Travel from Delhi to Palampur and back
  • Accommodation for 2 nights at Dharchula

2 Nights | 3 Days

Escape the throngs of tourists and come away to Toranmal, a secluded, unspoilt hill town in the Satpura mountains of northern Maharashtra. Situated atop a plateau, the viewpoints here offer enthralling vistas of the valleys around. Take a boat ride on Yashawant Lake or just spend a lazy day doing nothing at all. And if you're here in monsoons, the waterfall cascading from the high cliff at Sita Khai is a picturesque sight.

Package Inclusions

  • Travel by car from Surat to Toranmal and back
  • Accommodation at Toranmal for 2 nights
  • Day trip to Manikaran
  • Daily breakfast

2 Nights | 3 Days

A world washed clean by the rains, a people to whom smiles come easy and a place that is a step away from all that is modern, Tura is just what you need if you want to get away from the comfortably familiar. A town in the West Garo Hills of Meghalaya, at Tura, you can spend a few hours at the Pelga Falls, climb the easy trail to Tura Peak and enjoy a picnic lunch at the confluence of Ganol and Rongram rivers.

Package Inclusions

  • Travel by car from Guwahati to Tura and back
  • Accommodation at Tura for 2 nights
  • Daily Breakfast

2 Nights | 3 Days

A town frozen in time, Jageshwar is cradled in the hills of Kumaon and engulfed in a sea of green of Deodar forests. But not just a sylvan paradise, there's a spiritual aura that surrounds it too. With 124 small, exquisitely carved stone temples and legends that a part of the local folklore, there's much to see and listen to hear. But as night falls, it'll be time to gaze at the millions of stars that appear in the skies and just sit around listing to the sounds of the forest.

Package Inclusions

  • Travel by car from Delhi to Jageshwar
  • Accommodation for 2 nights at Jageshwar
  • Daily breakfast and Dinner

Kaas Plateau
1 Night | 2 Days

A carpet of flowers spread as far as your eyes can see, the plateau at Kass is a place straight out of a movie. As the monsoon sets in, the plateau and surrounding hills come alive with millions of wild flowers, creating a rich tapestry of colours, a sight you wouldn't have seen ever before. However, an ecologically-sensitive area, make sure that you leave Kaas just as you found it: untouched.

Package Inclusions

  • Travel by car from Pune to Kaas
  • Accommodation for 1 night at Satara
  • Breakfast

1 Night | 2 Days

Placed atop the flat-topped spurs of the gentle mountains of Vidarbha, Chikhaldara is a secluded hill station, 5 hours away from Nagpur. Best visited during the monsoons, when the clouds roll in shroud everything in mist, the town is pleasantly cool even during the summer months. Take a ride through the wildlife sanctuary nearby, whose thick forests of teak, bamboo and mahua harbour animals like sambars, sloth bears, wild boars and even panthers.

Package Inclusions

  • Travel by car from Nagpur to Chikhaldara and back
  • Accommodation for 1 night at Chikhaldara
  • breakfast

2Nights | 3 Days

Perennially green, Dapoli is one of those few places where you can live on the hill slopes and then go out and spend the day on the beach. Located within minutes of the Arabian sea coast, on gently undulating ridges, the weather is always pleasantly cool under the shade of evergreen trees. You can go swimming in the sea, visit the two forts in the vicinity or just have a quiet, lazy holiday.

Package Inclusions

  • Travel by car from Pune to Dapoli and back
  • Accommodation for 1 night at Dapoli
  • Daily breakfast

1 Night | 2 Days

The road approaching Amboli, a town in the southern ranges of the Sahyadri hills, passes through beautifully grassy and wooded landscape, giving an indication of the greens to come. A quiet, unassuming place to escape to, Amboli offers splendid views of the coastal plains, cool air, pleasant walks and numerous waterfalls, that splash with life and verve, especially during the monsoons.

Package Inclusions

  • Travel by car from Goa to Amboli and back
  • Accommodation for 1 night at Amboli
  • Breakfast
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