Gulmarg, Pahalgam and Sonmarg (Explored)

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To say that Kashmir is beautiful would be to state the obvious. The gorgeousness of Kashmir has been immortalised in many movies, pictures and books. The valley that is India’s crown head is abundant in natural grace and beauty to the point that it intoxicates the traveller and leaves him/her in complete marvel of the generous handiwork of the creator.

The best time to visit Kashmir and explore the beauty of Kashmir Tourism  is definitely during the Indian autumn/summer season – March, April, May. During this time, the valley is in full-bloom, the weather isn’t too cold and the snow, without overwhelming, is just about enough to play with.



Gulmarg, Kashmir’s Meadow of Flowers is at a distance of 52 kms from Srinagar. A hill station located at an elevation of 8,825 ft., Gulmarg is the best ski destination in India. Skiing enthusiasts from around the world and from India come together in Gulmarg soon after the freezing December winter and make the best of the snow sports adventures the area offers. Post the snow season, Gulmarg continues to attract outdoor sports enthusiasts as its landscape is perfect for horse-riding, trekking, golfing, etc. All in all, Gulmarg attracts nature-lovers and sports enthusiasts alike with its scenery & infrastructure.


For when you want to see and live natural beauty in all its glory, Sonmarg – Meadow of Gold – is the destination to head to. The tiny hill-station is inaccessible during winters (December) due to excessive snowfall and when accessible, it is within a 3-hour car journey from Srinagar.  There are multiple trekking routes from Sonmarg for the adventure enthusiasts just as there are river rafting facilities offered along the Nallah Sindh, a tributary of river Jhelum. The imposing mountains and the lush green plains of Sonmarg, without exaggeration, are what picturesque postcards are made of.


Pahalgam completes the trio that constitutes the staple to-visit destinations in Kashmir. Pahalgam is famous for its flora and fauna. Different and exotic varieties of vegetation line its plains just as rare and protected species of animals call its mountainous areas and in some cases, streets, home. Pahalgam is a perfect relaxation destination; one where all that the traveller must do is eat, sleep and walk around the town to absorb all that splendid prettiness.

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