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A Virtual Trip to Tashkent’s Traditions

With Tashkent being the referred to as an up and coming Bangkok, we thought it would be a nice idea to educate our readers about local Uzbek customs and traditions. So what if most people heading that way are going for reasons that do include experiencing a different culture and ethnology; it’s always better to  Full Article…


Tashkent Food Culture

In recent times, Tashkent tourism has acquired a negative tinge with its wild nightlife and sex tourism, especially with visitors from the subcontinent. But very few visitors have access to the deep rooted Uzbek culture that the natives adhere to. Eating out in Tashkent is paradise for the palette, even better if u can manage  Full Article…


After Sunset in Tashkent

It’s city of many beautiful places to visit, parks, gardens, monuments, green sidewalks and a relatively pollution free environment. But Tashkent tourism seems to have their sights fixed elsewhere. One half foul-mouthed Russian cab drivers and other half long bearded old men in their open-fronted chapans. For a predominantly Muslim state, Tashkent seems to have  Full Article…