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All for Chocolate

Switzerland does not have a tropical climate, what it does have are conditions completely in conducive for the growth of cocoa. Neither did the Swiss ever have any colonies in the cocoa capitals of Africa or South America. They have no ethnic connection whatsoever with the Aztecs or the Mayans, who were the first to  Full Article…


Switzerland Winter Sport

Skiing, skiing, skiing! Switzerland tourism does boast its position as one of the world’s premium skiing locations. But when you’re done with skiing, what then? Or perhaps skiing simply caught your fancy. No worries! There are many more exciting and adventurous winter sports up on offer, that you might not find on a regular Switzerland  Full Article…


Beyond Swiss Cheese & Chocolate

Cheese, Chocolates and Watches - rarely used in the same sentence unless you’re talking about…Switzerland! It has provided the perfect settings for Bollywood’s romantic numbers since time immemorial and has always been one those most sought after exotic destinations. With postcard snow covered Alps and Heidi type farms, Switzerland tourism has always been a crowd  Full Article…