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10 Things not to do in Paris

ContentsDon’t Climb the Eiffel TowerDon’t try to see the Louvre in 3 hours or lessDon’t go shopping for designer labelsDon’t get (Michelin)StarstruckDon’t French kiss strangersDon’t gift ChrysanthemumsDon’t take cabsDon’t Commit a Fashion Faux PasDon’t stuff up on croissantsDon’t be stuck up Paris is legendary; the reasons may vary but the fact remains. Even legendary cities  Full Article…


The story of The City of Light

La Ville-Lumière - The City of Light! Unmistakably Paris, as anyone will tell you, irrespective of whether you’ve been there or not. It’s just one of those places, the Paris Tourism Department has never needed to advertise.  There’s no dearth of things to do in Paris, places to eat in Paris or shopping in Paris.  Full Article…