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Chocolate Love in Ooty

The ‘queen of the hills’, once upon a time favoured shooting spot, a quick weekend getaway for the Southies, a big deal for the Northies; the mist at your feet, the clean mountain air, no plastic bags, and those lovely little bakeries that dish out the best stuff. Strangely, they are not really used by  Full Article…


Ooty all the Way

The ‘Queen of the Hills’ has been a popular tourist destination, famous shooting spot for movies and a summer getaway since colonial times. Cozily nestled in the Nilgiri hills, Ooty has enjoyed iconic status for a long time now. A popular weekend getaway for the people in the southern peninsula, it has been one of  Full Article…


Where did the Todas come from ??

Nobody knows for sure! The Toda are one of the most ancient Indian tribes found exclusively in the Nilgiri hills of Tamil Nadu. The Nilgiri hills are well known for nestling the popular tourist destination of Ooty. The Toda are a primitive tribe whose population has hovered in the range 700 to 900 over the  Full Article…