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Heating up Winter in Kashmir

This humble wicker basket has been a symbol of Kashmiri tradition almost forever now, considering its origins are unknown. It’s a tricky device that outsiders have never been able to master. It has scared us and we truly find it admirable how the porcelain skinned natives of the valley use them so effortlessly. It essentially  Full Article…


Wedding Bells in Kashmir

India is a land of many cultures, many thousand cultures would be more appropriate; and a million sub-cultures. Each has its own dialect, traditions, clothes, food, rituals, and of course its own distinct style of weddings. There’s so much happening during Indian weddings that it becomes the single event from where you can imbibe the  Full Article…


Chai vs. Chai in Srinagar

Srinagar tourism’s most popular postcard picture is that of the lake and the houseboats on it. Like the rest of the valley, it too is an almost flawless view of paradise. As you’re doing the rounds of all the places to visit in Srinagar, you’ll notice that tea is everywhere; it is a way of  Full Article…


Gulmarg, Pahalgam and Sonmarg (Explored)

To say that Kashmir is beautiful would be to state the obvious. The gorgeousness of Kashmir has been immortalised in many movies, pictures and books. The valley that is India’s crown head is abundant in natural grace and beauty to the point that it intoxicates the traveller and leaves him/her in complete marvel of the  Full Article…