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A Desert Safari in Dubai – All you need to know

Thanks to all the promotion by the Dubai Tourism Board, It’s something that you absolutely can’t miss when you’re visiting the world’s favourite emirate. This is indeed the quintessential Arab desert experience with all the essentials thrown into one awesome package. Welcome to Desert Safari Dubai.   Unlike the African safari, which is the undisputed king  Full Article…


Dubai’s top 2 Beach Parks

Dubai thrives on its tourism industry. Duty-free shopping and desert safaris are the front-runners of Dubai tourism. It’s only in recent times that beaches have gained popularity. Here’s to Dubai’s most popular two beaches. Jumeirah Beach Jumeirah beach is the largest and by far, the most popular beach in Dubai. It also happens to be  Full Article…


Top 5 Places to See in Dubai

The spark of Dubai is catching on with tourists all over the world, putting it in the 8th place on the list of Top Ten Visited Cities in the World. The behemoth malls, the panoramic beaches, the gold shacks, spectacular artificial islands and towering skyscrapers being some places to visit and things to do in  Full Article…