Phuket, Inside

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Some say it’s flashy, some say it’s crass, you might find it extravagant or you might find it cheesy; but it’s not in the least easy to resist the hedonistic charms of Phuket. A heady combination of top-end resorts and seedy bars, beer halls and night markets, it has something to satiate pretty much every appetite. Eating out in Phuket is an activity in itself. And Phuket nightlife is another world on its own. But these are the popular things, the crowd pullers, what about the other side of Phuket that is not really talked about?

We’ve compiled a list of some of the most unusual things here, that no Phuket tourism brochure will tell you.

Beer on the Rocks

Beer on the Rocks

No, not a chilled beer or an ice cold beer, but beer with actual ice cubes, on the rocks. It might sound like insanity, the Europeans would rather die than drink such a beverage. But that’s just how it’s done here. Apparently, beer goes warm really fast in Thailand, so you keep your beer chilled with a couple of rocks.

 Blind massage

Blind massage

That’s right, get massaged by a blindfolded masseur/masseuse. Thai massages are generally quite popular and this one comes with a twist. A blind massage is most effective for sore muscles. Masseurs can really spot where your problem is with their increased sense of touch and fix it better than anyone. Be warned, it can get really painful!

Pay for leftovers at Mo ka ta ‘all you can eat buffet’

Mo ka ta

The ‘Moo Ka Ta’, which literally means ‘Pig on Pan’ is a ‘Cook-it-yourself-all-you-can-eat-barbecue-slash-steam-boat’. The buffets have raw meat, fish, veggies and processed stuff to take back to your table and cook. Venues are packed, especially on weekends. Choose wisely and don’t be greedy cuz guess what?! You will be charged for leftovers! Take only what you can eat. Good food is not meant to be wasted.

Vegetarian festival

This one is a paradox of epic proportions. The vegetarian festival has nothing to do with vegetables or being vegetarian. Spirit mediums in a state of trance cleanse the soul by climbing ladders with rungs made of knives, walk barefoot across hot coals and perform brutal acts of self-mortification, piercing their bodies with hooks, skewers and various other sharp objects. The 9-day festival, rapid-fire explosions and clouds of smoke from Chinese Fire Crackers, is a full on assault of the senses.

Whiskey bottle gasoline

In Phuket, it is recommended to always fill your vehicle up before heading out. Gas stations are few and far apart. So the locals came up with a simple solution to help other drivers and make some money on the side. They sell gasoline in whisky bottles. These colorful bottles can be seen displayed in front of houses or small shops here and there.

Toilet paper napkins

Don’t get traumatized if you go out for a meal at a local restaurant or beach shack and find toilet paper on your table. Toilet paper is a perfectly acceptable substitute for paper napkins here. It’s fresh toilet paper, not actually from the toilet, so no need to freak out.

Plastic bag soft drink

Everything can be packed and carried in a plastic bad including soft drinks. Simply pour in your iced tea or coffee, add some ice cubes if you want, throw in a straw and you’re good to go.

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