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To say that India is a diverse country and a traveller’s paradise, wouldn’t be much of an exaggeration. Every corner of this country has something new and something off-the-beaten track to offer to a curious traveller. The majestic mountains of the North, the culture and natural beauty of the South, the rugged and bare charm of the West and the music and serenity of the East – all come together to bring alive the Incredible India experience.

The one Indian destination that is religiously stereotyped to be the ‘party destination’ is Goa. Keeping in with this stereotype, the best time to visit Goa would be in December. Christmas and New Year celebrations breathe life into the party vibe.

However, if you want to see another Goa - a non-stereotyped Goa - then it would make sense to ask, ‘What is the best time to visit Goa?’ The answer lies not entirely in the seasons and months, but in personal choices and desired holiday experiences.

Goa is beautiful. Very few people take time to appreciate this simple fact. Given how lost Goa is in being hyped as the ‘go wild, live free’ destination, the inherent charm and calm of this place is quite often forgotten. Away from the commercial beaches and the fancy streets shops, there exists a Goa that is quite, resplendent and beckoning.

Canacona is a city in South Goa. No, it’s not a city in the mad-rush-crazy-buzz kind of sense. It is easy-going; bearing remnants of the old world and markings of the new. If Canacona was a person it would be characterized with a split personality. There are pockets where the city is bustling and alive; travel a few kilometers in any direction and one is sure to be greeted with mind-pleasing silence. It is almost like the city wanders off in certain areas & pockets, shreds it’s given ‘city’ personality and adopts another persona; one that is village like, one that makes you believe that long walks are the medicine for the troubled soul and clean + empty beaches are not but a Goan urban myth.

In all honesty, the best time to visit Goa, India is when you feel like exploring the known in a manner that is unknown. ‘Coz when you decide to surprise yourself with a holiday that is all and only about relaxing, Goa is sure to surprise you with its capacity to offer just that.

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