A Desert Safari in Dubai – All you need to know

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Thanks to all the promotion by the Dubai Tourism Board, It’s something that you absolutely can’t miss when you’re visiting the world’s favourite emirate. This is indeed the quintessential Arab desert experience with all the essentials thrown into one awesome package. Welcome to Desert Safari Dubai.

Desert Safari in Dubai

Desert Safari, Dubai


And if you are interpid

Unlike the African safari, which is the undisputed king of safaris, you won’t encounter wild animals on this safari, probably some camels and maybe an occasional wild ass! This is one stretches into miles and miles of sand as far as the eye can see. You will maneuver the sand in 4×4 vehicles handled by professional drivers across and experience what is called sand dune bashing. It’s basically off-roading in the desert and can get quite bumpy, in a good way though.

Shopping Spot

An Evening Under the Moonlight

Things to remember

  • You’re going to end up covered in sand from head to toe. The fancy clothes and accessories should ride this one out.
  • Wear comfortable sandals or floaters as compared to shoes to facilitate the free flow of sand. Once the sand’s in your shoes, it’s gonna be hell.
  • glasses are a must
  • Wear clothes that will allow you to breathe and will not restrict movement. There are lot of activities like sand skiing and camel rides up for takers.
  • If you have the time, do the overnight safari and spend a night at the desert camp. Under the stars, literally in the middle of nowhere, it’s quite an experience.
  • Don’t bother with any electronic goods, you won’t find any charging points, and neither will be there cell phone connectivity.
  • Pack as light as possible, just basic toiletries and important things. There will be toilets on site. Sleeping bags and blankets are also provided.
  • Get a fully charged camera, the sunset, the sunrise and the clear night sky, the brightness of the stars not dimmed by pollution, make for fantastic photo opportunities.
  • Most tour operators offer a good buffet BBQ dinner with unlimited soft drinks, water and tea/coffee. Vegetarian options will always be available.
  • There’ll also be the best Arabic coffee and a fine selection of dates.
  • A bar will be available from on site from where one can purchase alcoholic beverages. There will also be Arabic music and the famed belly dancers for entertainment. And obviously, both of the above are not available during the month of Ramadan.

If you are feeling down

That’s pretty much all you need to keep in mind before heading off on that safari. It’s definitely one the best things to do in Dubai. Any other questions, fire away in the comments section below!

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