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One of the world’s richest and vibrant marine eco-systems as yet to be tainted by the pernicious grasp of mankind. One of the last undiscovered spots and ironically, one that might soon get engulfed by the raging seas as a result of all the globing warming. Ignoring that little bit of morbidity, the Maldives archipelago is one of the top runners for paradise on earth. Maldives tourism never had trouble with pictures for their brochures!

Delve into the island culture and discover some of the best water activities up for offer. Here’s a list of some super fun things to do in Maldives.

Scuba Diving

Every resort in the archipelago is equipped for scuba diving and all international certificates are accepted. Don’t have one? That’s alright too; the dive schools are well equipped with international instructors providing lessons in all major world languages. It boasts some of the best diving spots on the planet and advanced courses are offered in such things as night diving, rescue diving, underwater photography, naturalist and shark specialist. Banana Reef, Shark Point, Barracuda Giri and Manta Point are the best sites.


What better way to discover the 70 different types of coral reefs and more than 700 species of aqua-marine life? Silicone mask, air tube, webbed fin feet and you’re set. Most luxury resorts offer snorkeling classes. Take it to the next level with a round of night snorkeling and watch the whales and manta rays sleeping. Check out the reef and the Slope which features cliffs, terraces and caves.

Submarine Diving

Hop in for a ride in the German built Whale submarine for a dive depth of 150 meters. With a passenger capacity of 50, it is the world’s largest deep diving tourist submarine. The dive lasts around three hours starting at 9.00 in the morning till 8.00 at night. It carries enough oxygen, water and food supplies to last 100 hours. There is no restroom on board though!

Whale & Dolphin Watching

Did you know the Maldives rank among the top 5 places in the world to spot whales and dolphins? The “Big Three” are the sperm whale, Bryde’s whale and the biggest of them all, the mighty blue whale. And you did you know of the existence of such a thing as a pygmy killer whale? The acrobatic Spinner dolphin is the most abundant among a diverse variety of dolphins. If you’re lucky, you might even spot a whale shark.

Water Sports

Besides the above mentioned activities, there are a number of adventure water sports on sale. Surfing and windsurfing are pretty big, well equipped schools are in abundance. Para-sailing is only offered by the more luxurious resorts and is for the slightly more daring. The aerial views of the islands are more than worth it. For the faint hearted, there is catamaran sailing and big game fishing on offer.

The best time to visit Maldives is anytime; all water activities and sports continue normally, even during the rainy season.

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