Things You Should Know About The Incredible India Campaign

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Tourism has become the one of the fastest growing markets in India, contributing a great deal in making a place for itself in the world map of top tourist destinations. The Ministry of Tourism took a step further and started the Incredible India campaign to promote India as an arch vacation spot. Presently India attracts more than 5 million tourists every year for business or pleasure.

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Marketing Campaign

The ad campaigns including the catchy slogan “Incredible India”, cumulated with an attempt to improve the tattered infrastructure along with other shortcomings that interfered in the growth of tourism in India, was first taken up in the year 2002 by The Ministry of Tourism of India. Sticking to the traditions, the Ministry implemented modern ideas like sustainable practices and eco-tourism to boost the Indian Tourism Market to the rest of the world.

Launching domestic campaigns such as “Atithi Devo Bhavah” or “Your guest equals God”, was advertised nationwide with top Indian celebrities in the picture to attract more attention from the mass. The ministry also suggested embracing the age-old traditions of hospitality towards foreigners; tourist guides and taxi drivers all over were trained in aspects of maintaining courtesy, hygiene and integrity that would bring the campaign closer to its aim of attaining hospitable attitudes.

The Variety of Travel Plans to India

You can choose from the various aspects of India to tour with- alluring, classy, ornate, assorted- you can pick your option and dive in to explore Incredible India and shape your vision of her. The various interests can vary from:

  • Soaking the Natural Beauty
  • The Medical Tourism Spot
  • Visiting Heritage sites
  • Wildlife exploration
  • Imbibing Wellness of Health and Soul
  • The Royal Retreats
  • Basking in the Beaches
  • Living on the edge with Adventure Sports
  • The Cool Retreats
  • The Deserts

Arrive, Explore and Conceive India’s rhythm like no other place, paint your mind with her overwhelming colors and you will end up feeling like you’re residing in a home away from home.

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