Pattaya is a famous beach destination in Thailand and most tourists and locals choose to head to this city when they want a break from their hectic urban life and just want to soak up the sun.
Just as Pattaya beach-life is relaxed and has its share of adventure sports, Pattaya Nightlife is loud, colourful and full of never-dying energy.

For the interested, there are multiple Thailand Pattaya Nightlife packages and tours to choose from. For those who prefer to travel alone, the city offers enough budget and luxurious, naughty and nice options on which one can save or splurge.

1. Walking Street

Walking Street

When the sun sets the wild and free of Pattaya come alive on the neon-drenched strip called the Walking Street that stretches between Soi 13 - 16. The Walking Street is shut to traffic in the evening as people throng to the streets and take to the glamourous nightlife of Pattaya. The booze is free-flowing and the revelry is one like you’d never have witnessed anywhere before.

2. Cabaret Shows

Cabaret Shows

Pattaya has some of the best cabaret shows in the world. The ladyboy entertainers delight audiences with their performances, all of which are laden with singing, dancing, acrobats (sometimes), glitz and tons of glamour. The Tiffany’s Cabaret Show and the Alcazar Cabaret Show are among the best in town. When in Pattaya, make it a point to see at least one cabaret performance.

3. Shopping

Shopping Pattaya

The whole Bangkok Pattaya Nightlife experience is incomplete without shopping. Pattaya boasts of many night flea markets and shopping centres in Thailand that stay open all-night and/or for a major part of the night. If you want to skip the crowds and shop till you drop with little or no interruption, then shop in Pattaya at night. Clothes, bags, shoes, accessories – you name and you’ll get it.

4. Muay Thai

Muay Thai

For those who seek thrill in action, then a visit to a Muay Thai game when in Pattaya is a must. Muay Thai literally translates to Thai Boxing and is one of the oldest sports in Thailand. Muay Thai games are high on adrenaline, shouting, betting and Rocky type/style moments. This is what makes the games a must-visit for boys, actually.

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