Good ‘ol Days in Goa

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Goa is almost like a coming of age destination in India. It’s almost like you become part of a different group of elite when you get back after that first trip. And the more times you go, the cooler you become right?! You can chill in the lap of 5-star luxury or you can simply book a budget holiday package to Goa. Goa is for everyone.

Goa - Old or Gold

We all know that Goa was a Portuguese colony. But how many of us knew that in a time where facts and myth were together in one large cauldron, evidence suggests that Goa was part of the Mauryan empire. And for the next 700 years, Goa was ruled by a succession of Hindu dynasties such as the Shillaharas, the Kadambas, and the Chalukyans. Goa’s state transport corporation is, till today, called Kadamba Transport Corporation. Until 1312, Goa was controlled by the Muslims, and it began to rise as an important landing place for ships carrying horses to Hampi.

After being ruled successively by Hindu and Muslim dynasties, the Portuguese came and with them, Christianity. The Portuguese ruled Goa for around 450years. The best about this was that while the Portuguese colonized Goa, Portugal itself was being colonized by Spain.



body of St.Francis Xavier

Here’s what else you didn’t know about Goa:

  • The infamous 400 year old non-decomposing body of St.Francis Xavier, one of the top places to visit in Goa, was shipped to Goa on 11th December, 1553, a year after he died at a small island near Macau.
  • It is the only state in India that has enforced a Uniform Civil Code for all citizens irrespective of religion. Muslims that have their marriages registered in Goa cannot take more than one wife or divorce by pronouncing “talak” thrice.
  • Goa is well known in the ornithology and wildlife circuits of India.
  • “Konkani tiatr” popular for its high Entertainment value, is a dramatic art form unique to Goa. Performed in regular, commercial shows on stage it is a Konkani play that is combined with songs which usually runs to packed houses and is eagerly awaited. A tiatr that lasts for about two to three hours usually has songs and 7 acts of roughly 15 minutes duration each and has elaborate sets and professional lighting effects. The tiatr theater form was introduced by Lucasinho Ribeiro from the Assagao Village in Bardez who went to Mumbai when he was 27 in 1890 and got a job with the Italian Opera Company. He soon left the job and by translating an Italian Opera word by word he created ‘Italian Burgo’ the first ever Konkani tiatr. On January 1, 2021 the first performance of the tiatr was held at his native village in Goa.
  • The Goa Medical College was established in 1842 in Panjim and was the first medical school of India. It is also one of the oldest medical colleges in Asia.

Randomly picked from 18th century

Goa Tourism has a lot to offer besides the relaxation and the partying. It’s a big slice of history waiting to be explored.


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