A Guide to Clubbing in Bangkok

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Indians are well acquainted with the offerings of Bangkok nightlife, probably one of the best in South-East Asia, and many jump on the first chance they get to visit this shopping + clubbing haven. The party scene here is loud, colourful and goes on for the whole night (actually) without skipping a beat. It then goes without saying that there are numerous clubs that line many streets of Bangkok and that there are areas dedicated to clubs & pubs. But if you so wish, you can enjoy a party experience that goes beyond the expected.

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1. Rooftop Bars

There is nothing like sipping a cocktail and reaching out for the stars. There are but a handful of rooftop bars in Bangkok and each of them provides an experience that is unforgettable. Three Sixty at Millennium Hilton, Park Society at Sofitel So, Vertigo and Moon Bar at Banyan Tree Hotel are the bars the jet-setting and cultivated crowd of Bangkok flocks to. For a sophisticated wild night, head here.

2. Clubs, Clubs, Clubs!

From all-nighters, to global brands, to the funky and the lavish – there are clubs that suit all tastes and all pockets in Bangkok. The clubs on Khao San Road are diverse, vibrant and exhilarating! Bed Supperclub & Q Bar is where the hip international crowd hangs out and Tapaz is where the house music loyalists’ sway. Of course, these are just a handful of names. You can research and head to the clubs that suit your preferences.

3. Jazz

If jazz is what gets you going, then when in Bangkok, you needn’t fret. There are many bars that cater to this genre of music and which provide patrons with the ultimate refined experience. The Living Room, Saxophone Pub, Diplomat Bar are a handful of jazz bars that provide the dim lit, luxury experience that is sure to get you smiling and happy.

4. The Full Circle

For those who want to experience every aspect of Thailand Bangkok nightlife, then how about going shopping inBangkok, watching a cabaret show and then hitting the club? Asiatique is a riverside shopping destination that will lure you to buy all that you want and need. When the shopping tires you, the Cabaret Calypso show at Asiatique makes for a fun and entertaining watch. To follow this with a night of partying at Bash Nightclub – one of the new-breed contemporary nightclubs – is the perfect way to end an amazing evening in the city.

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