Fun and Frolic in Phuket

The island capital city of Thailand – Phuket, is one place for full on fun and frolicking! December to March is the most comfortable time to visit Phuket, when the average temperature is around 24C to 32C and there is little rainfall.  With less humidity and cool breeze blowing all the time, it’s the best(…)

Is it a lady? Is it a boy? It’s a ladyboy!

What is it about Bangkok? Actually what is it about the nightlife in Bangkok? Perhaps the euphemism in its very name! The country is Asia’s go-to destination for sex tourism, with tourists flocking in from across the globe to savor a slice of its wild, colourful nights that have something on offer for everyone. Bangkok(…)

After Sunset in Tashkent

After Sunset in Tashkent

It’s city of many beautiful places to visit, parks, gardens, monuments, green sidewalks and a relatively pollution free environment. But Tashkent tourism seems to have their sights fixed elsewhere. One half foul-mouthed Russian cab drivers and other half long bearded old men in their open-fronted chapans. For a predominantly Muslim state, Tashkent seems to have(…)