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The story of The City of Light

La Ville-Lumière - The City of Light! Unmistakably Paris, as anyone will tell you, irrespective of whether you’ve been there or not. It’s just one of those places, the Paris Tourism Department has never needed to advertise.  There’s no dearth of things to do in Paris, places to eat in Paris or shopping in Paris.  Full Article…


On Top of the World (almost!)

This one’s for the hardcore adventure junkies. It’s challenging, physically and mentally, it’s bloody cold, it’s a tad bit dangerous and it can get a lil scary, it is the foot of the world’s highest peak after all. They say a trek to Everest Base Camp changes you, you come back a different person. This  Full Article…


How Kerala became ‘God’s Own Country’

God’s Own Country! The phrase is now synonymous with Kerala, at least for us folks in India. Kerala Tourism has built one of the strongest tourism brands in the country and is well on its way to building a robust international presence. The best time to visit Kerala is anytime and the things to do  Full Article…


10 fun things you probably didn’t know about Singapore

Singapore is one of those popular tourist destinations, especially for us in India. For those who can afford it, it is one of the first destinations to be picked for a family vacation. It is affordable, kid-friendly, old people-friendly and teenage-friendly. The places to visit in Singapore are endless, from Sentosa to China Town, Little  Full Article…


The Sky Bridge of Langkawi

If you are planning a Malaysia holiday, then just note down one address in your diary- it is the famous Sky Bridge of Langkawi. Engineered at a heart-pumping altitude of 2,300 feet (700 metres) above the sea, this bridge is something which is an enigma! You will feel the blood pumping furiously into your veins  Full Article…


The ideal ‘No Budget’ Vacation

Let me warn you right here that this is a mythical creation, impossible to achieve in the real world. You can get wherever you want to by either A. Trekking there on foot across sunny meadows and picturesque valleys, the birds singing your favourite song or B. Hitch-hiking there with the handsomest strangers and fatherly  Full Article…