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Wedding Bells in Kashmir

India is a land of many cultures, many thousand cultures would be more appropriate; and a million sub-cultures. Each has its own dialect, traditions, clothes, food, rituals, and of course its own distinct style of weddings. There’s so much happening during Indian weddings that it becomes the single event from where you can imbibe the  Full Article…


10 fun things you probably didn’t know about Singapore

Singapore is one of those popular tourist destinations, especially for us in India. For those who can afford it, it is one of the first destinations to be picked for a family vacation. It is affordable, kid-friendly, old people-friendly and teenage-friendly. The places to visit in Singapore are endless, from Sentosa to China Town, Little  Full Article…


Top 5 Waterfalls in India

Haven’t you often watched a dance sequence in a movie shot at some spectacular waterfalls and wondered where in heaven you can find them? The good news is that India is blessed with several waterfalls that will take your breath away. Here is our pick for the top 5 places to visit in India, where  Full Article…


The Tulip Festival, Srinagar

It is a much-cliched and often repeated fact that Kashmir is Heaven on Earth, or ‘jannat’ (jannah –Arabic for Paradise). But this in no way takes away from the truth of the matter. The state of Jammu & Kashmir has every right to be called Paradise, thanks to its natural beauty. And what’s more – come  Full Article…