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After spending almost 3 years creating buzz around brands, I decided to quit the world of PR and pursue my true calling which was all about traveling and yoga. If not planning my next trip then I could be found cooking up a storm in the kitchen. Though born and raised in the hillside town of Dehradun I am a beach bum at heart.

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10 Monsoon Holiday Hotspots in India

10 Monsoon Holiday Hotspots in India

The long haul of summer has finally come to an end and most of India is enveloped in a dense refuge of rains. The coming month of August is packed more than a few breather long weekends. We highly recommend you to cash this opportunity to discover some of the hottest monsoon destinations in the(…)

10 Awesomely Artsy Hotels

Sometimes when traveling, an average hotel can get a little insipid. Should you feel slightly adventures then you should definitely plan a stay in an ‘art hotel’, a property that is designed to inspire and get your creative juices flowing. These hotels don’t just hang paintings on the walls, they make guests feel as if(…)