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Life is hectic and there are no doubts about it at all. You get up in the morning, gulp down your breakfast, hop into your car and swish past speeding vehicles and berserk crowds on streets to reach your workplace on time. After the whole day’s slogging what you miss the most is your pillow and your cozy bed to rest your head. Well, well, well, in the midst of all these humdrums of busy life don’t you feel like freaking out and having fun beyond limits? How about reliving your childhood days with your kiddies and hitting an amusement park for an adrenaline rush and indulging in hours of exhilarating merriment with loads of unhealthy fried stuff to pamper your taste buds with? If you are ready to pack your bags and travel to any part of the world for some days of unrestricted entertainment, take a look at the world’s top 10 amusement parks that could well become your next holiday destination.

Discovery Cove, Orlando, Florida

A true “paradise” and a “beautiful tropical oasis” par excellence, Discovery Cove has won immense plaudits as the latest amusement hotspot among thrill seekers. Take a sojourn to the Cove in summer and you will know why it is called a tropical oasis. From swimming along with the friendly dolphins at the Dolphin Lagoon to getting up close and personal with the sharks at the Grand Reef, there are enough water activities to keep you busy the whole day at Discovery Cove. In fact, if you are in Orlando you bet you cannot get enough of this amazing amusement park till you get a taste of every single experience it has to offer. When you are done with your fishy play, you can take some time out to adore and interact with a kaleidoscopic array of birds who do not mind feeding from your hands or giving you a peck on the cheek.

Europa Park, Germany

Want to get a taste of the two most scintillating cultures of the world? Head to The Europa Park in Germany which gives you glimpses into not only the native culture but takes you to the delightful French world with its beautifully designed themed areas, mind blowing shows and 12 roller coasters to lend you and your family some hours of ultimate fun and entertainment. But what attracts gourmands to Europa Park is its luring array of restaurants, the numbers touching a whopping 70 serving sumptuous delicacies at the backdrop of varying themes and cuisines.

Disneyland Park, Anaheim, California


Packed with shows and rides galore, the Disneyland Park in Anaheim, California has witnessed over 650 million adventure and amusement lovers flocking to its gates since its inauguration back in 1955. In 2012, it saw 15,963,000 visitors which made it grab the second position among the most visited amusements parks across the globe. While you will find several features and themes similar to its counterparts in other areas of the country, the California Adventure Park has had unique additions to its cauldron of thrilling adventure activities like white-water rafting and hang-gliding. Mickey Mouse Toon Town and New Orleans Square lend you an experience with a difference.

Magic Kingdom, Orlando, Florida


Whether it is an exclusive family trip you are planning or going on a vacation with your extended family members or simply just the two of you, Orlando’s Magic Kingdom is sure to bring a touch of magic in everyone’s mind. One look at the scintillatingly illuminated and designed Cinderella castle is enough to summon fairy-tale like childhood memories in your mind. The pioneer among the four Walt Disney World Resort Parks, the Magic Kingdom enamors and enchants you with its delightful lands with distinct themes. So get ready to get your slice of magic as you travel around Magic Kingdom’s Adventureland, Main Street USA, Fantasyland, Liberty Square, Frontierland and Tomorrowland. And if you are contemplating on a trip to Orlando during any of Magic Kingdom’s special events, you can be lucky enough to witness some of the most outstanding entertainment arrangements like Mickey’s-Not-So-Scary-Halloween Party in September-October, or the Night of Joy and Mickey’s-Very-Merry-Christmas Party in November and December.

Universal Studios, Singapore


How would it feel to be aboard a 3D motion-based gargantuan ride or watch Shrek come alive to greet you while you munch on some Asian delicacies? The Universal Studios in Singapore bring to you the world of DreamWorks animation through its seven themed regions and 24 attractions. Each of the themes boast of unique characters and rides and you can enjoy the opportunity to pick out your favorite area from Hollywood and New York, Egypt, Sci Fi City, Far Far Away, The Lost World and Madagascar.

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PortAventura Park, Spain


Complete adventure buffs looking for some ways to experience an adrenaline rush can get all the thrill and exhilaration they desire by visiting the PortEventura Park located on Spanish Soil. With a vast spectrum of attractions and rides meant for every member of the family, the amusement park has enough activities to keep you hooked on to it for several days. Five countries of the world mark the five main themed areas of the Park and once you visit each of Mexico, Far West, Polynesia, the Mediterranean and China you will know what makes the park such a coveted haunt for families on vacations from all parts of the world. If you are among the brave-hearted and an adventure freak, Hurakan Condor can satiate your thirst for real thrill with its free-falling ride from a height of 282 foot as you seat yourself in the midst of tilted seats. Get aboard the Dragon Khan, hit the Furius Baco, ride the Tami-Tami or simply relax amidst the Lazy River or the Wave Pool- bet you will find one day too short to experience them all to your heart’s content.

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Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Disney’s Hollywood Studios gives you a glimpse into the glitz and glam world of Hollywood of the 1930s and 40s through its beautifully planned and strikingly attractive theme areas. Along with the Echo Lake, Animation Courtyard, Hollywood Boulevard, Streets of America, Sunset Boulevard and Pixar Place you can even get to rub shoulders with your favorite actors from the Star War movies and enjoy the dazzling Star Wars dance shows.

Ocean Park, Hong Kong


Ocean Park in Hong Kong enthralls you with its all natural rides with either the oceanic backdrop or the amazing animal kingdom as its setting. While there is no dearth of exciting rides such as the Raging River, Mine Train and Abyss Turbo drop what makes Ocean Park all the more attractive to kids and adults alike is the opportunity that it bestows all to get up close and personal with marine mammals like seals, dolphins and sea lions along with other ocean animals like jellyfish. With Ocean Park you get to witness a whole new underwater world sans the dangers associated with it.

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Beto Carrero World, Penha, Brazil


The largest amusement park in the whole of Latin America, Beto Carrero World, Brazil, is just the right place to spend your fun family vacation at with its array of rides, mesmerizing shows and amazing zoo. Mingle with the grand lions and tigers at the Animal World, drift into thire Fantasyland, get a glimpse of the German culture at the German Village or satiate your love for cars at the Automotive Complex- the Park has something in store to delight every mind.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Florida


A competitive venture by the Walt Disney World to be at pace with the Busch Gardens in Tampa, the Animal Kingdom boasts of having in its display one of the most exotic array of Asian and African wildlife across its 500 acres of land. 250 species and over 1700 animals inhabit the place which has won accreditations by the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums. In addition to rubbing shoulders with these live creatures you can even experience some of the most thrilling rides in the lands of dragons, dinosaurs and unicorns which are located quite some distance away from where the real animals dwell so as not to let your shrills and cries reach their ears and perturb them.

Now that you have taken a virtual tour through the top 10 amusement parks of the world, don’t you feel like escaping to those lands right this instant?


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