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Ask anyone, which are the best tourist places in India and ‘Goa, Rajasthan, Kerala!’ will be the prompt replies. For a country that has varied landscapes and deep valleys, that boasts of the Himalayas and is land of the 7 rivers, India is hardly touted as a trekking destination.

However, gradually the number of trekkers and conversations around trekking are on the rise. Indians, which normally travel in large groups and are addicted to comfort travelling, are slowly but surely opening up to the idea of walking (trekking) from place A to place B over a period of days and are thus allowing themselves to enjoy the natural beauty of India.

1. Spiti Valley (Bhabha Pass)

Welcome to Spiti Valley

chander taal lake at spiti valley

Spiti Valley is a desert mountain region located in the Himalayan area in Himachal Pradesh. Spiti Valley (Bhabha Pass) is an 8-day trek that starts from Shimla and ends in Mudh Village in the valley. The trek is arduous as it calls for mountaineering skills and requires one to trek along difficult terrain. The meadows, valleys and monasteries more than make up for the physical troubles, though.

2. Pindari Glacier, Uttarakhand

Pindari Glacier

The Pindari Glacier in Uttarakhand (a beautiful tourist place in India) is magnanimous and gorgeous. The 6-day round-trip trek starts from Saung near Bageshwar and ends at Zero Point, Pindar. The trek is along the Pindari river and will take you through dense forests, lush green tea plantations, quaint villages and possibly a frozen stream!

3. Manali to Chandratal, Himachal Pradesh

Chandratal Lake

This is just the trek for first time trekkers or those who are not too fit to scale mountains, literally. For one, this trek easy and it will not test the strength of your tendons. Also, while most treks show you the marvels of deep valleys and high peaks, this one will acquaint you with the greens all around. Wildflowers, pine & oak trees, meadows add beauty and charm to this 7-day trek.

4. Mukurti, Karnataka

No, trekking is not limited to famous tourist places in India like Himachal Pradesh. You can embark on a one-day trek with your family and friends in the Niligiris, Karnataka. The path, though not difficulty, requires skill, patience and physical strength. Be sure to pack a mat that you can lay in the meadows at Mukurti; on reaching destination, just lie down and take in the breath-taking beauty and silence.

5. Silent Valley, Kerala

A trek through the rainforests is a must for all. This 5 day trek will take you through forests that have been evolving for 5 million years and if luck is on your side, you might encounter elephants and tigers too! The area has a Mahabharata connection, one that you can find out more about as you trek.

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